Quintessentially English, Contemporary Home Textiles

Quintessentially English, Contemporary Home Textiles

Charlotte Thomas is the quintessentially English, contemporary home textiles brand from Swiscot Group. With over a century of heritage, Charlotte Thomas is anchored around timeless, beautiful, and affordable home collections that bring contemporary elegance into every home. Our business emerged from the heart of Manchester’s textile revolution. Our brand was born in one of the city’s beautiful textile mills, and from there has grown to become a much-loved home brand, bringing together heritage and style.

From prints to plain-dyes, embroiders to accessories and bathroom to table, our designers produce ranges which tens-of-thousands of consumers are happy to have as the backdrop to their home. Charlotte Thomas has been featured in the national and international press, and lauded for its’ quality, price, and style.

Our customers range from global retailers to independent eCommerce suppliers, and our infrastructure allows us to service everything from the most sophisticated bulk warehousing through to direct-to-consumer eCommerce. Alongside this, our business maintains the very highest quality, environmental & social governance standards.

We were one of the first businesses in our industry to receive ISO 9001 quality accreditation and have a deep commitment to ESG criteria including human rights, labour rights, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining deep transparency through the entire global supply chain. We are also committed to maintaining our UK supply chain, and many of our products are proud to be UK made.

Charlotte Thomas is also gaining popularity in hospitality and contract markets, from cruise lines to caravans, and hotels to health clubs, many leading businesses are proud to carry the Charlotte Thomas brand. We also engage in brand collaborations. Our in-house design team produce everything from exclusive Charlotte Thomas collections through to fully white labelled home and interior ranges. With access to the latest trend information, and the best home textiles supply chain in the industry, we’re able to become your full supply partner for this exciting category.

We hope you enjoy our collections, and look forward to working with you.

Charlotte Thomas